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Please Read for Application Instructions

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Please Read for Application Instructions

Post by Esmay Storm on Sun 28 Jun 2015, 11:50


Welcome to the new Sanguine Seraphim Forum! If you are already a member of the clan you probably have been asked to come and register for a forum account.  If this is the case, please make your forum account name identical to your Elder Scrolls  user id. [example: Esmay-Storm]  

If you are not a member of Sanguine Seraphim, but are here to apply for membership you can post a thread with your request in this board [Guest Board] . Please include your user id and why you are interested in Sanguine Seraphim. The appropriate guild officer will contact you in game as soon as possible.

Non-members of Sanguine Seraphim are encouraged to contact us via this particular board, however, if you remain a non-member you will not be given an account.

Thank you for contacting us.

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